On February 6, 2008, I suffered a life changing accident that introduced me to my new best friend, my wheelchair. Since then, even though I belong to a family that has the financial means, I have endured enormous financial and emotional hardship.. As a result I have decided to create a foundation that will try to help people that have gone through a similar experience, but have no financial or emotional backing.

A person acting alone can make a small difference to a few people, but through the swarm theory, I am a fervent believer that profound changes can be brought about in people’s lives.

That is the base on which the foundation stands, not only to bring individuals together, but also organizations and institutions, to help us bring about changes and collaborate with each other, to bring hope to persons and families that go through traumatic changes.

A fantastic team of individuals has rallied behind me to make this a reality. We will be organizing fundraisers to assist persons or families that we have identified to be in need of a helping hand so that they can get back into society as active and productive individuals. But most important of all we will constantly be creating awareness of the challenges that we are faced with when we go through the trauma of a chronic injury.

We are here to try to give hope back to those who have temporarily lost it.

Guntram von Habsburg

A Foundation for Hope